Auditions for Scream Dance Project

Semi-pro dance troupe at Scream Dance Academy.
New project performance dates : October 8-14, 2018

Rehearsals will be : 

- Wednesdays 8:35-10:05pm, Thursdays 7:30-10pm (April 30-May 31 but potentially earlier as of April 5 TBC). There is a Monday 7:30-8:45pm technique class also (*see note below). 

- Mondays 8-10pm, Wednesdays 7:30-9pm during the summer as of June 6. (There will be a 90 minute - 2 hour open rehearsal to set by the dancers on their own schedules depending on what piece they are in and who they are dancing with.)

- Weekends (Saturday OR Sunday) for 4-5 hours from September 1 to the show.

*If you are in a troupe at SDA, you can still audition if you are not available for this Monday training. Please contact Lynsey in the case of any scheduling questions (contact info below).

The hourly rate for class is 15$/hour. This is not a paid company, this is a troupe in Scream Dance Academy and dancers pay for the classes/rehearsals at a reduced rate.


There are 2 training classes for SDP :

Mondays 730-845 
Profs : Janelle Hacault and Véronique D'abaté

Wednesdays 835-955
Prof : Lynsey Billing

These classes are now OPEN AS DROP-INS. If you are interested in joining this troupe now or in the future, you are encouraged to come to these classes when you can. This will help you with technique AND we will get to see how you work in the SDP environment.

- Dancers must be serious and available during the time period of creation and the show.
- Dancers need to be in good physical shape.
- Dedicated, punctual, organized, positive, versatile, team workers, hard workers, open minded people need only apply.
- Dancers needed with facility of improvisation and jazz/contemporary technique


- You must have a 1 minute solo prepared in case it is asked for.
- You must be prepared to improvise and create on the spot.

Please know that the story is written for the next show and this is a CASTING audition as well as a dance audition. If you do not fit the part, you will not be chosen - HOWEVER you are encouraged to return to audition for SDP in the future and future projects.

- There is potentially one major role to cast
- There are 2 supporting character roles to cast
- There are potentially 4 smaller roles to cast

(Depending on which character you are cast to play, you may have less rehearsals/week during the summer)

The audition fee is 30$

For more information and to register please contact Lynsey 514-303-0386 or


-Auditions et classement pour les troupes de la saison régulière. 

-Les auditions sont ouvertes à tous les niveaux.

-Tout le monde doit passer aux auditions pour faire partie d'une troupe (même si vous en avez déjà fait partie).

-Un frais de 10$ par personne, par audition sera demandé la journée des auditions (en argent comptant seulement). 

Informations et inscriptions : 514. 303. 0386. Laissez votre nom et votre # de téléphone sur un message s'il n'y a pas de réponse svp.

Toutes les auditions auront lieu au SDA-HQ 6915 St-Hubert.

Descriptions des troupes :

Pour les conflits d'horaire, svp contacter Lynsey.

*RIEN à préparer d'avance sauf pour l'audition de Scream Dance Project.